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Immigration & Asylum Fee (VAT is chargeable @20%)

Capital One Services Solicitors Ltd is one of the leading multi-disciplinary law firms in the UK. Our offices in Slough, Hayes (virtual office) and Southall are managed by solicitors in an extremely professional manner as we act in the client’s best interest.

We are authorised and regulated by Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA)

Clear and Transparent Fees

We at Capital One Solicitors Conform to abide by the Transparency Rules of SRA ‘Solicitor Regulation Authority’. The Pricing information aims to ensure that people have accurate and relevant information to make a decision when buying legal services.

Our Fees are Fair, reasonable and competitive. We ensure that our clients are fully aware of all the costs relevant to their matter and there are no hidden charges.

At the time of initial Instruction, we inform the clients how we calculate the quoted price. We also provide a detailed breakdown of the estimated total costs where possible, whether for our Fee or/and disbursements

The charges listed below are for matters that we commonly come across. If in case your matter is not listed then we will provide you with a tailored quote.

The cost for our professional fee will depend on the seniority of the solicitor or fixed fee basis.

Solicitor’s hourly rates

Our hourly rate is dependent upon the law society’s guidelines please refer to the link below for our hourly rate. Please note that the hourly Rates in the *link below DO NOT include VAT

Grade Fee Earner Hourly Fee
A Solicitors and legal executives with over 8 years’ experience £ 512
B Solicitors and legal executives with over 4 years’ experience £ 348
C Other solicitors or legal executives and fee earners of equivalent experience £ 270
D Trainee solicitors, paralegals and other fee earners £ 186


Immigration Calculator

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Our professional fee for Immigration Matters

Our Quoted Prices above are excluding VAT and DISBURSEMENTS and any Subsequent Challenges as they vary depending on the nature of the complexity of the case, the number of applicants, the urgency of the case, the quantity of supporting documents etc.

Please be advised that there may be circumstances where the anticipated costs may exceed the given price range, A breakdown of the estimated costs for our own fees or any third party will be provided in our Client Care Letter.

Our Fee ‘DOES NOT’ include the charges for

  • third parties such as Home Office fees, Court Fees, Tribunal fees, Judicial Review Court Fees for either an oral hearing or paper hearing.
  • Barristers or Experts.
  • any professional disbursements on your behalf and subsequent challenges (appeal, Pre-Action or Judicial review)

We have a highly competitive team of Immigration Solicitors and Paralegals who deal with all types of immigration matters such as Asylum Claims, Human Rights Applications, Detention/Bail cases, deportation and Removal cases, Stateless cases, Trafficking and Slavery matters, Domestic Violence applications, British Citizenship/Naturalisation Applications, Spousal Visas for both in country and outside the UK, Marriage and Civil Partnership Visas, Visitor Visas for family, Students and Business, PBS (Start-up, Innovator, skilled worker etc, European Visas, British Nationals Overseas visa, British National Overseas Visa , UK investor visa, ILR application, Judicial Reviews, Administrative Reviews and Immigration Appeals to the First – Tier Tribunal, Upper Tribunal, Court of Appeal.

  • The Nature of Work involved in the above quoted price is as Follows:
  • First and the foremost step is to listen to our client very carefully and take initial instructions
  • Advising the client as to the options available.
  • Advising the client on the likely outcome of the case, available options, estimated cost and further actions that need to be taken.
  • Providing a list of documents that the client would need to provide for the above selected option.
  • Checking the supporting documents provided by the client and where necessary ask for additional documents
  • Preparing the application form and submitting it to the Home office
  • Preparing and submitting bundles to the court, bundle includes filled court forms, grounds /statement of case, skeleton arguments and supporting documents
  • Briefing to the counsel
  • Representing the clients at the court/tribunal hearings
  • Communicating on behalf of the client with the Home Office, Courts or Tribunals.
  • Advising on the prospect of subsequent challenge
  • Taking further instructions

Estimated Timeframe for Home Office Application

The time required to complete the application process will be dependent on:

  • Volume of supporting evidence that needs to be considered
  • The event where a document is missing; how soon will it be provided by the client
  • In case of a language barrier, an interpreter may be hired (please note that the fee of the interpreter will be quoted by the third party and will depend on the number of hours we would require their service for therefore, it is difficult to estimate how much the interpreter will charge for the X number of hours).
  • Whether the client is a single applicant or is applying with other dependants

It is entirely at the discretion of Home Office to process an application; therefore, we cannot guarantee how long Home Office will take to process your application.

All applications vary so once we have more information pertaining to your case we will be in a better position to give you an estimated timeframe.

All the work is carried out by Experienced and Qualified Solicitors Please visit our Key Personnel page


Please note that the information provided on this website does not, cannot constitute a legal advice or form a binding contract in between Capital one Solicitors and client, unless agreed between the parties. Also, emails or other forms of communication through this website should not be considered privileged.

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