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Motoring Offence / Driving Offence

Prosecutions for road traffic offences will follow the same procedure at court as for any other type of offence. There are three types of Road traffic offences namely, Summary only (eg, careless driving), Either way (eg, dangerous driving) or Indictable only (eg, causing death by dangerous driving).

Most traffic offences will carry the following additional penalties:

  • Details of the conviction will be endorsed on the defendant’s driving licence
  • The defendant may be subject to an obligatory or a discretionary disqualification from driving
  • if the defendant is not disqualified from driving for the offence itself, a number of penalty points will be endorsed on the defendant’s driving licence.

The table set out below gives examples of some of the most common ‘endorsable’ road traffic offences.

Offence (Endorsement Codes) Points Disqualification Offence (Endorsement Codes) Points Disqualification
Manslaughter by driver of a motor vehicle 3–11 Obligatory Dangerous driving (DD40) 3–11 Obligatory
Careless or inconsiderate driving (CD/CD10) 3–9 Discretionary Causing death by careless driving when under influence of drink or drugs 3–11 Obligatory
Causing death by careless or inconsiderate driving 3–11 Obligatory Causing death by driving when the driver was unlicensed, disqualified or uninsured 3–11 Obligatory
Driving or attempting to drive when unfit through drink or drugs (DR80) 3–11 Obligatory Being in charge when unfit through drink or drugs 10 Discretionary
Driving or attempting to drive with excess alcohol (DR10) 3–11 Obligatory In charge with excess alcohol (DR40) 10 Discretionary
Failing to provide evidential specimen when ‘driving or attempting to drive’ (DR30) 3–11 Obligatory Driving or attempting to drive with concentration of specified controlled drug above specified limit (DG10) 3–11 Obligatory
Being in charge with concentration of specified controlled drug above specified limit (DG40) 10 Discretionary Breach of requirements as to control of vehicle (including use of hand-held mobile telephone), 3 Discretionary
Breach of requirement as to brakes, steering gear or tyres 3 Discretionary Driving while disqualified by court order (BA10), 6 Discretionary
Using motor vehicle whilst uninsured (IN10) 6-8 Discretionary Failing to stop after accident 5-10 Discretionary
Failing to give particulars or report accident 5-10 Discretionary Speeding offences (SP/SP30) 3-6 or 3 Fixed Penalty Discretionary
Driving otherwise than in accordance with a licence (LC20) 3-6 Discretionary Causing death by dangerous driving (DD80) 3-11 Obligatory

Most road traffic offences are said to be ‘endorsable’. This will result in two things if the defendant is convicted

  • details of the offence will be endorsed on the defendant’s driving licence and the details sent to the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA) in Swansea; and
  • unless the defendant is disqualified from driving for the offence, a number of penalty points will also be endorsed on his licence.

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Application Fee Estimates
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  • Meeting with solicitors, initial advice.
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  • If necessary, taking and preparing witness statements of the witnesses
  • We will advice you on what would happen on the day of hearing, advising on sentencing
  • Further preparatory work, obtain further instructions from you including advice
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