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We at Capital One Services Solicitors Ltd consider ourselves the ‘Top Solicitors in Slough and Hayes’

Most people think that they do not require a Solicitor to deal with their legal matter be it Immigration or Family matter and believe that they can research a relevant law and can take appropriate action themselves, but they fail to grapple the root of the law. Therefore, it is pertinent to understand that the Solicitors are well equipped with the requisite knowledge and have been rigorously trained to deal with the day to day or complex matters.

With offices based in Slough and Hayes, Capital One Services Solicitors Ltd has the right legal expertise to offer specific advice about your legal problems. We are aware of the relevant court procedural rules and practice directions. We take immediate steps according to the court orders because non-compliance leads to unnecessary costs being incurred, the court may impose sanctions such as striking off the claim.

The biggest fear for a litigant in person is to pay the opponent’s cost if in case he loses his case. The solicitor has an inherent responsibility to discuss with the client whether the potential outcomes of any legal case will justify the expense or risk involved, including, if relevant, the risk of having to pay an opponent’s costs. So, a form of cost-benefit analysis needs to be done at the beginning of a case and must be reviewed regularly as the case progresses. One should always remember that the Solicitor owes a duty under SRA rules to act in the best interest of his client.

The Solicitor in his first meeting with his client carries out a case analysis; the case analysis indicates that there is a legal basis for the claim and evidence to support the claim, there are a number of other issues affecting the overall viability of pursuing a claim against a potential defendant which need to be considered with the client at the earliest possible stage. Viability involves a number of issues of which the claimant needs to be aware, including:

  • Who is the prospective defendant?
  • Where is the defendant?
  • Where are his assets?
  • Will the defendant be able to pay any judgment?
  • Does the client have any suitable BEI (Before the event insurance)?
  • How much time and resources will the client have to commit to investigate and deal with the case?
  • Is there more than one possible defendant?
  • Is the defendant solvent?
  • What are those assets worth?
  • What can the client afford to pay?
  • Is the case suitable for a CFA or DBA and/or AEI cover?
  • Does the client qualify for public funding or require third-party funding?
  • Does a cost-benefit analysis suggest the desirability of a quicker and cheaper solution than litigation can offer?
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Capital One Services Solicitors Ltd is a leading law firm in the UK. We have expert family Solicitors and Expert Immigration Solicitors in Slough, Hayes (virtual office) and Southall.

Our Solicitors have extensive knowledge in their field of expertise. Our Solicitors spend a lot of time with their clients to ensure that they are aware of the situation and the pros and cons. We have a culture of long-lasting client relationships built on trust. Our Offices are in Slough, Hayes (Virtual Office) and Southall We are aiming to expand our business.