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About Us

Capital One Services Solicitors Ltd is one of the leading multi-disciplinary law firms in the UK. Our offices in Slough, Hayes and Southall are managed by solicitors in an extremely professional manner as we act in the client’s best interest.

We are also providing legal services in our Southall town hall office due to high public demand.

Southall is part of the London Borough of Ealing The market in Southall high street accommodates a variety of businesses from food, clothing and jewellery etc along the Broadway. The most famous temple Gurdwara Sri Guru Singh Sabha is also located in Southall.

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Immigration & Asylum

We are a team of highly skilled solicitors
with extensive

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Our Divorce & Family Law Solicitors are
highly skilled in everything involving
Marriage, Domestic Violence.

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Civil Litigation

Commercial and Contractual Disputes

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Why Choose Us

We at Capital One Services Solicitors Ltd consider ourselves
the ‘Top Solicitors in Slough, Hayes and South Hall’

Most people think that they do not require a Solicitor to deal with their
legal matter be it Immigration or Family matter and believe that they can
research a relevant law and can take appropriate action themselves, but
they fail to grapple the root of the law. Therefore, it is pertinent to
understand that the Solicitors are well equipped with the requisite
knowledge and have been rigorously trained to deal with the day to day
or complex matters.

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Success Stories

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Immigration Judge Allowed The
Appeal Against The Home Office

Immigration Judge Allowed The Appeal Against
The Home Office Decision Even Though Our
Client Did Not Meet The English Language

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Home Office agreed to re-issue and
serve Curtailment Letter.

On 3rd July 2020, HOME OFFICE agreed to re-issue
and serve CURTAILMENT LETTER in the response to

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Client’s Testimonials

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    Capital One Services Solicitors Ltd is a leading law firm in the UK. We have expert family Solicitors and Expert Immigration Solicitors in Slough, Hayes (virtual office) and Southall.

    Our Solicitors have extensive knowledge in their field of expertise. Our Solicitors spend a lot of time with their clients to ensure that they are aware of the situation and the pros and cons. We have a culture of long-lasting client relationships built on trust. Our Offices are in Slough, Hayes (Virtual Office) and Southall We are aiming to expand our business.